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September 1, 2014    Peoria, AZ

BG Services AZ Launches Its Generation 3 Series Of Online Cost Calculators


Introduction: Thank you for considering a Generation 3 Online Cost Calculator for your website. We’ve spent the last 2 years developing what we feel is the most comprehensive series of online calculators available. Unlike most other calculators you get to select the services and prices that define your calculator. In the past, the full source code for our calculators had to be embedded into the page content. This could require as many as 2,000 lines of code. Now, you can install our calculators with a single line “shortcode”. Our custom calculators are affordably priced. Please email us at if you have any questions. 


Installation Basics: Our calculators have gone through extensive testing on a wide variety of Internet Browsers & Website Design Platforms. There are, however, two important requirements for use of our calculators on your website:

1. Your website design platform/theme must support the iFrame Function.

2. Your website design platform/theme must have a Text/HTML Editor in addition to a Visual Editor

Contact us if you’re not sure about the compatibility of your design program and website. 


Browser Compatibility: As is the case with your website, all internet browsers use a stylesheet to handle page appearances and other functions. Most importantly, they set things like margins, line spacing and displayed fonts/font sizes. We recommend that you use Google Chrome to test your calculator display height. Google Chrome assigns a higher value to line spacing and height than Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Safari. You may notice a larger margin at the bottom of your calculator on these other browsers. Unfortunately, this is due to their stylesheets and not our calculators. Contact us if you have any questions regarding this topic. 


Using The onLoad Function In Your Website Design Program: Part of your installation shortcode cantains the call to an event that reloads your page to the top after the calculator is loaded onto your page. Most website design platforms and themes have editors that try to correct perceived errors in page code automatically. Some of them will automatically delete the onLoad Event from our code when you save your page. This is especially true if you do your regular design work in the Visual Editor instead of the Text/HTML Editor. If your page loads and goes back to the top of the calculator instead of the page the onLoad Event Function has been stripped from our shortcode. Contact us if you have any questions on this topic.




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