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Some Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Put A Calculator On My Website?

FAQAnalyticsThe main reason is that our calculators bring new visitors to your website. A well designed web page with our calculator and proper SEO will attract new potential customers to your website. Case studies of our new Generation 3 Calculators show substantial gains in website page views and an impressive number of visitors asking for written proposals as a result of having used the calculators.


Why Should I Choose Your Calculators?

Charles & I have been designing custom spreadsheets for professional estimators for over 15 years. We started converting them into Online Cost Calculators in 2004 and have been providing them to our Website Design Clients as part of their new websites. We’ve spent the last 2 years developing, and testing, a series of Online Cost Calculators that can be easily installed by end users on their existing websites. Our calculators are the most comprehensive custom calculators on the market.  Quality, Price & Support are just a few of the reasons to choose a calculator from BG Services AZ.


Your Website Features Roof Cost Calculators. What Other Types Of Calculators Do You Offer?

Our Roof Cost Calculators are the flagship of our calculator product line. We have the ability to design a custom online calculator for any service based business. Send us an email with a brief description of your business and it’s services. We’ll work with you to design a custom calculator that matches your needs. The preliminary design and consultation are free and there’s no obligation to purchase our products.


How Accurate Are Your Calculators?

You get to choose the types of services offered on your calculator and you get to set the pricing levels. We’ll work with you to make sure that your calculator accurately reflects your services/products and the price schedule for each item. Our online calculators are designed to give the visitor a Budget Price for their project and should not be used to replace and actual written proposal.


What If My Services Or Prices Change?

We anticipated that, over time, the services you offer and pricing will change. Simply send us a list of changes and we’ll update your existing calculator for a minimal service charge. The completed changes will automatically show up on your website when they are competed. No need for you to make any changes to your website.


Are Your Calculators Compatible With All Browsers, Operating Systems and Website Platforms?

Nobody can guarantee 100% compatibility. However, we have done extensive testing of our calculators on all of the popular browsers including Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Additionally, we have tested over designs on all of the most popular CMS & HTML Design Platforms. (See our Installation Instruction Pages for a complete list of tested platforms.) Actual versions of web browsers, design platforms and themes/add-ons may impact the compatibility of our designs. Our products can not be used on DIY websites such as GoDaddy Website Builder. Rule of thumb is that you need a platform that supports the Iframe Function and has an HTML text editor. We offer free email technical support for 30 days to help with your installation and compatibility issues.


Didn’t Find An Answer To Your Question? Send us an email with your questions. We’ll respond directly to you and include it on this page if it is relevant to all installations.


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