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1. Our online calculators have been designed for, and tested on, all major CMS platforms such as WordPress, Modx, Drupal and Joomla. They’re also compatible with all major HTML 5 website design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Web Studio and more. However, we do not guarantee compatibility with all website design programs and platforms.

2. Although the installation of our calculators is simple the installer still needs some basic knowledge of website design.

3. These calculators are not compatible with DIY website designs. They require the availability of a code editor and compatibility with the Iframe Function.

4. We offer email support for our products at no additional charge for 30 days after the purchase.


If you’re unsure about compatibility or installation send us an email with the name of your website design platform and the website URL. We’ll do our best to test your site prior to your purchase.

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