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About Our Product Licensing And End User Agreements


All of our online calculators are copyright© and trademark™ protected. When you purchase one of our Online Calculators we will issue a Single User License Agreement to your business. The terms of this agreement are very basic and conform with industry norms.


Overview Of Our Single User License Agreement

• BG Services AZ retains all rights to the source code and final product.

• You will be issued a Single User License Agreement specific to your company and it’s website Domain Name/URL.

• You can freely use this product on as many pages on the registered site as you want.

• You may not sell, lease or transfer ownership of the product license to a third party or install it on another domain without express written consent from BG Services AZ

• You may not distribute, copy, reproduce, alter or otherwise modify the existing source code for this product.

• The agreement contains disclaimers and limits of liability that conform to the industry standards for software design and similar internet based products. 


  BG Services AZ Terms Of Use Agreement

Please take a few minutes to read our Terms Of Use Agreement located in the form below. It will be necessary for you to complete, and submit, this form prior to the processing of your order. After completion, and submission, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your executed agreement. A full version of the agreement saved in PDF format is available for you to download, review and print. 

 Click here to download a PDF version of the agreement  

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