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Custom Roof Cost Calculator With A Custom Banner

Our Custom Roof Cost Calculator is, bar none, the best priced and most powerful custom roof cost calculator available. You tell us the service areas, roof systems and price structure you want on your calculator. These are one of a kind custom built to your specifications. Compare our quality and prices to the other calculators on the market. Don’t settle for another stock calculator. Order one that accurately reflects your business services and pricing.

Custom Roof Cost Calculator Features

• Easily Installed By Your Website Designer

• Available In 4 Different Widths: 700px, 800px, 900px & 1000px

• Includes Separate Pricing For Up To 6 Different Service Areas

• Separate Prices For Flat Roofs & Pitched Roofs On One Calculator

• 4 Levels Of Roof Complexity For Flat & Pitched Roofs

• 10 User Defined Roof Systems For Both Flat & Pitched Roofs

• User Friendly Easily Understood Roofing Terms


The calculator below is a fully functional working model with a standard custom banner. The custom background and text banner are not a part of the calculator. These can be easily added by your website designer. Click Here To Order Your Custom Calculator

Free Online Roof Cost Calculator

Sample Terms Of Use & Disclaimer

This free roof cost calculator was designed to provide a rough price for your roofing project. This can be useful for developing preliminary budget prices and should not be used to determine a final actual cost. Items such as job size, job location, building access, building height and actual scope of work may have a substantial impact on the cost. Estimated prices do not include the cost of any permits or taxes that may apply to your project. It is strongly recommended that you contact a Licensed Roofing Contractor for an accurate, and complete, written roof estimate. (Insert Your Company Name) and the software developer BG Services AZ assume no liability for the accuracy of this calculator.



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