Custom Designed Online Cost Calculators

Online Cost Calculators Save You Time & Generate Website Visits

Who Needs Our Custom Calculators? Do you own a Roofing Company, Painting Company or other similar service based business? How much time do you, or your employees, spend each week giving out Phone Quotes for budget prices? You know the kind of call I’m talking about. Someone that just wants a Rough Price for your services. Try as you may, it’s nearly impossible to get these callers to agree to a project inspection and a formal written proposal. I can tell you from first hand experience that these calls can take up a substantial amount of your time.

 So What’s The Solution? ..... Install A Cost Calculator On Your Website.

Obviously you don’t want to brush off a potential customer. So what do you do? Here's the alternative! If you’re unable to get the caller to schedule an appointment for a written estimate, simply direct him, or her, to your website calculator. A well designed website based cost calculator will provide your callers with all the information and options they'll need to put together some Budget Prices for a future project. You'll be doing the caller a service, save time, money and, who knows, maybe develop a new customer for your business. 

How Do I Get An Online Calculator?

Home Page CalculatorFirst step is for you to contact us  for a Free Preliminary Design Consultation. Give us some basic information about your business and it's services. We’ll help you build an Online Calculator that accurately reflects your business services and price structure. All of our calculators are economically priced and easily installed on your website by your IT people using a single line shortcode. When you need to change prices or add/edit existing services simply send us the new information. We’ll update your calculator with the new content for a nominal fee. The completed changes will automatically show up on your website when they are done.

About Our Roof Cost Calculators.

We have a full line of Online Roof Cost Calculators already designed and in use by roofing contractors. We offer a Basic Calculator that is very affordable as well as fully customized calculators designed specifically to your specifications. Our Calculators have a proven track record for their ability to get additional visitors to your website. Compare our Online Roof Cost Calculators to the other so called 'calculators' out there on the internet. I'm sure you'll be convinced that we provide a superior product at an affordable price.  Thank you for visiting our Calculator Website. Continue to browse our pages and feel free to email us with any questions.

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