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"Stinky, Squeaky & I Are Together Again In Another Place. Our Time With You Was Short, But Maningful. I'm Sure We'll All Be Together Again Some Day!"

Shadow, Stinky & Squeaky August 2013

Amazing That People Can Survive Without Us.

Gone, But Not Forgotten!

When I heard that Bob & Peggie  were bringing back the Old Family Website I really got excited. Been telling all my friends up here. They've recreated my Original Page and kept it just as it was when I was still with them. Even kept my theme song playing in the background. Looks like it's been up to the birds to take care of them since I left. Sure they'll do a good job. Hope you enjoy my page!

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August 2013
PS: Still trying to shoot down the Red Baron....

Exercising The Humans!

Keeping Them Safe!

This Page Is Dedicated To My Predecessors Stinky And Squeaky. They Taught Me Everything I Needed To Know About Taking Care Of Humans.



My Mentors!

The relationship between dogs and humans dates back thousands of years. Humans need to be nurtured and cared for. Without dogs they would wander around aimlessly not knowing what to do or how to take care of themselves. We keep them safe and make them feel loved. We need the humans because they have thumbs. Hard to get dog treats out of a box without them!

All of the Hummingbirds complain about being named Sam. Well, how'd you like to go thru life being called Stinkey, Squeaky or Shadow? Bob & Peggie must have a thing about names that start with the letter 'S'.

Keeping Bob & Peggie in good health is my single most important responsibility. Exercise, along with a good diet and plenty of sleep, is critical to their well being. Going for long walks every day is the key component to their daily exercise routine. If I didn't make them exercise they'd probably sit around all day watching TV and drinking beer.

Here I am on Lifeguard Duty. Just another task in my busy day. Never know when one of them is going to do something dumb while playing in the water and needs to be rescued. Besides that, they need someone to get the stupid ball every time they throw it out of the pool. Worst part of this is, I hate the water. Can barely do the Doggie Paddle. Don't even like to go out in the rain to do my business.

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