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"Enjoy Life! Just Don't Let Your Wife Know How Much Fun You're Having!"

Budweiser Bob: August 2013

There's Only 2 Kinds Of Beer. Budweiser And Free!

My Net Worth 2003 Thru 2013

How We Went From Riches To Rags!

OK, you work hard all your life saving up for the day when you can retire, relax and enjoy life. Then it happens. Bam! The economy goes in the toilet. Your home and investments are now worth 25% of what they were. A normal person would suck it up and postpone retirement. Not us! We're the Arizona Goebels! So, I gave up my job with a 6 figure income and took retirement as originally planned. Surely we can get by on what's left of my investments. Hell, if necessary, I can come up with a part time home business to fill in the gaps. So," How's That Working Out", you ask? Read On....   

In the Beginning.......

Fast Forward To Today.

They May Not Be The Best, But It Beats Being A Dallas Fan!

Click A Team Logo. Their Website Will Open In A New Window.

Click The Image To See A Large View.

Click The Image To See A Large View.

Now some of the people that know me say that this never happened and that it's just a bunch of bar talk BS. Those of you that don't know me will have to decide for yourselves.





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