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Perky Peggie August 2013

"Men Are Really Dumb! My Husband Thinks I've Had A Headache For The Last 20 Years!"

I Cook & Clean All Day. Now You Want What?

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Next Year I'm Leaving Earlier!

I May Never Eat Another Grape!

The Right Tools

Hard Work

Lots Of Water

Plenty Of Sunshine

A Happy Garden!

Secrets To A Successful Garden.





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Before & After Photos Of Our
Vegetable Garden

Before & After Photos Of Our
Vinyard & Fruit Trees

Bob & I love to garden! Back in Albuquerque we had a huge garden every year. So, it was only natural that we continue the tradition down here. Found out quickly that gardening here is a whole different deal. Lousy soil and way too hot. After several unsuccessful tries we came up with our current garden layout. We've got a raised bed vegetable garden on one side of the house and fruit trees and grape vines on the other. This year we had a bumper crop of grapes. Small, but delicious. Ate a bunch of grapes every day for almost a month. Never again! Don't want to see another grape until next year!

The Goebel Vinyards

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