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"I Bought A House To Get Away From My Parents Telling Me To Clean My Room. That Didn't Work!"

Charles August 2013

Let Your Parents Fix Things. They Enjoy It.

Should Have Bought A House Further Away!

Let The Good Times Roll!

Music Speaks Louder Than Words!

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Here's A Couple Of Guys You Might Know. 


I Draw My Inspiration From These Great Artists.

I've got many other original music videos, and covers, that have a lot more views on another members site. I chose these because each one has a special meaning to me. They represent an important time in the evolution of my musical education and style.


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Here's Some  Before & After Pictures Of My House.

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House Exterior

Living Room


Recording Studio

So my advise to any of you looking to move out of your parents home. Buy a house, or rent an apartment, on the other side of town from your family. Even better, don't tell them the address.

My interest in music started around 15 years ago while still in school. I bought a saxophone and joined the school band. Took lessons and got pretty good. Had a friend who played the guitar so I bought a cheap acoustical guitar and started teaching myself how to play. Had a little help from him. As time went on I developed a passion for music. Bought more and more guitars up to, and including, high end electric guitars of all types. Took a few lessons on reading music and totally immersed myself into being a good musician. Went on from there to learn how to play electric keyboards. Added some top of the line amps, mics, video equipment and editing software. Even joined a band for a while. Quit them but I kept on writing, recording and producing my own music and music videos. Put in a really great recording studio in my house. Had a few changes in my life lately. Takes away some of the time I spend on my music but I still take every chance I have to continue pursuing my passion. I put  links to some of my personal favorite music videos on this page.

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